Custom Productivity Solutions

The following examples showcase Forbes’ answers to difficult production challenges across a diverse range of industries. In every case, our engineering and automation expertise resulted in significant efficiency and throughput improvements.

Case #1
Assembly Automation Increases Throughput

SITUATION: A Tier One automotive supplier wanted to automate a cumbersome and inefficient hand assembly process, in which a small gasket was inserted into a plastic part for a high-volume automotive application.

SOLUTION: Forbes engineered a precision adhesive gasket and accompanying gasket placer, to automatically remove the gasket from the liner, and insert it into a plastic part. The customer was able to reduce the operation from three operators to one, and throughput was improved from 300 pph to 525 pph.

Case #2
Automated Solution for Unique Application

SITUATION: A global electronics manufacturer wanted to automate the printing and application of a 4” x 3/16” label to a recessed area on a tray.

SOLUTION: The Forbes team developed a custom-built print and assembly unit with a 90-degree pivoting tamp head and a custom label, automating the entire process.

Case #3
Pre-Labeling on Variable Surfaces

SITUATION: A major bioscience firm required the pre-labeling of test tubes and vials that were tapered with multiple shapes.

SOLUTION: Forbes customized a label printer and applicator with rollers. This allowed the label wrapper to match the various sizes and tapers. The process was fully automated.

Case #4
Label Application Solution Increases Precision and Productivity

SITUATION: An automotive sub-assembly supplier needed to place a tiny (1/8” x ¼”) label into a recessed area, with little tolerance on the lock knob. In addition, there were aesthetic considerations as the part was in the interior of the vehicle, and visible to drivers.

SOLUTION: Forbes developed an automated system that consistently inserts the label in the recessed area, replacing a slow, tedious and imprecise hand operation.